About Us

Proflow Exhausts are quickly becoming one of the UK’s leading suppliers of stainless steel exhaust products and consumables.

We have been designing and fitting bespoke stainless steel exhausts for over 25 years.
Our aim is to deliver a new kind of fast-fit experience, with clean, modern premises, high-tech equipment and highly trained technicians. We pride ourselves on offering the very best in service, choice and quality.

Our extensive range of bespoke performance silencers and tail pipes are are hand-built and made from 304 grade stainless steel, we design and build complete exhaust systems to suit any standard car or modified body kit.
You can choose from a wide range of tail pipes, back boxes, bore size and even race specification catalytic converters for your desired look, performance and sound.

Our unique performance silencer’s are designed with twisted internal baffles. This twisted design gives more power, higher mpg and lower emissions.

Product range:

  • Performance Silencers – Improve the look and sound of your car with our huge range of performance back boxes
  • Tailpipes – probably the most important part of the system – the bit you see! – we’ve got hundreds of options available
  • Sports catalytic converters – ideal for racing and performance enthusiasts, designed for maximum gas flow and low back pressure, suitable for turbo and supercharged engines
  • Mandrel bends – Tube Bending Specialists
  • Double braided flexible pipes – full range of high-pressure pipes available
  • Exhaust flanges and fittings – custom made or off the shelf
  • Workshop & welding tools and equipment – using the worlds leading brands to secure quality and efficiency in the products we sell

All Proflow Exhausts systems are guaranteed for life.

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