Exhaust Pipe Bending

Our trained technicians have been creating fantastic exhausts for years and have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. They take particular pride in each exhaust they design, but more than anything else, our single overriding priority with each exhaust we create is unmatched performance and quality.

Most Custom Build exhaust centres have very limited facilities and use inadequate light duty bending machines. Poor pipe bending equipment will only compress and distort the tube piping during the bending operation. This can result in a 20% reduction in the bore of the pipe on a shallow bend, and a 30% reduction on a tighter bend. A performance, custom exhaust system is only as good as its weakest link, so don’t compromise on performance and settle for restrictive  below par bending, come to Proflow Exhausts for a precision pipe bend and top quality exhaust.

We use the industry leading BendPak machines to get the perfect bend time after time. The BendPak name has long stood for the benchmark of quality.

Our team test each bended pipe, closely scrutinising every detail to make sure it’s finished to an exacting quality and precision as designed.

Whatever speciality bend you’re going to need, we can achieve it on our BendPak Bender.