Proflow Exhausts Design, Build & Fitting

Proflow Exhausts offer custom Built Stainless Steel Exhausts that deliver a smooth deep tone and come with lifetime warranty, all fitted at great low prices.


Our design process starts with listening to your requirements, you get the chance to discuss the project with our highly skilled exhaust technician, who will be able to advise you of the many different options available to you before coming up with the design that meets your desires for enhanced performance, sound and economy.


The build process begins by our skilled fitters removing the old exhaust and then by using precision measuring tools we will start to fabricate the stainless steel exhaust using T304 grade stainless steel ready for fitting.

With full workshop facilities we can fabricate and build individual exhaust sections using BendPak equipment for the finest, smoothest bends, and CAT’s to complete the systems from Manifolds to Tail pipes.

We usually start at the front of the vehicle, working our way back to the tail pipes, at every stage the exhaust is methodically installed in the best position possible to give the most clearance all round, paying particular attention to the depth giving the most ground clearance. The tail pipes take the most time because we are passionate about making the tips look symmetrical and look great when viewed from the back of the vehicle. While the process can be a bit tricky, especially over axle systems, you can be assured a perfect fit, so there shouldn’t be any knocks or bangs while driving.


The next stage of the process is inspection and testing. Our experienced fitters inspect the system visually and conduct a leak test to make sure all the joins are sealed before final sign off, once this is done we use a sound meter to take to provide an accurate db (Decibel) reading and finally a photographer will take pictures of the entire system. The end result is a high quality performance exhaust system which will enhance your driving experience, saving you money in the long term.

The advantages of a Proflow custom built exhaust system over standard fit systems are maximum ground clearance, a deeper sound, increased performance and improved fuel economy. That’s without the fact they look great!

We are proud that many of our customers have driven to us from all over the UK – we can fit while you wait, you drive away the same day with a fantastic sounding and performing exhaust… you can’t fail to smile.

The brands we fit:

Alfa Romeo Exhaust, Aston Martin Exhaust, Audi Exhaust, Bentley Exhaust, BMW Exhaust, Cadillac Exhaust, Chrysler Exhaust, Citroen Exhaust, Daewoo Exhaust, Dodge Exhaust, Ferrari Exhaust, Fiat Exhaust, Ford Exhaust, Honda Exhaust, Hyundai Exhaust, Jaguar Exhaust, Jeep Exhaust, Kia Exhaust, Lancia Exhaust, Land Rover Exhaust, Lexus Exhaust, Lotus Exhaust, Maserati Exhaust, Mazda Exhaust, Mercedes-Benz Exhaust, MG Exhaust, Mini Exhaust, Mitsubishi Exhaust, Nissan Exhaust, Opel Exhaust, Peugeot Exhaust, Porsche Exhaust, Renault Exhaust Saab Exhaust, Seat Exhaust, Skoda Exhaust, Subaru Exhaust, Suzuki Exhaust, Stainless steel exhaust, Toyota Exhaust, TVR Exhaust, Vauxhall Exhaust, Volkswagen Exhaust, Volvo Exhaust, custom stainless steel exhausts.